What’s up Fam? I hope you lovely people have had an amazing week, well at-least tried to make the best out of the week, ehh? Is that better? Gotta be realistic I know. Ha,

However, I just finished doing an exercise that was a part of my bible plan. I want to challenge you all who are willing to do it as well.

Look around the room and count 5 things that are RED.

Now that you have looked and counted those 5 things, without taking your eyes of this post, how many things surrounded them were YELLOW?

You can’t recall can you ? Fact being you were so FOCUSED on the RED you didn’t notice anything else around.

That my friend is how we are with WORRY. The worry is the RED. It’s amazing how we can pick out everything we are troubled by. But when it is time for us to trust the faith that we are surrounded by and that is instilled in us, we miss it. We simply miss it because we for starters weren’t looking for it, nor trusting in it. Again, the YELLOW is our faith. If we can stop for just a moment and trust what we can not see! We will always be able to pinpoint faith in the midst of the RED (worry,problem etc).

Reminder “GOD IS HERE(on the inside of you)”

So let me just tell you all about my week(deep sighs). This week, I have been constantly saying to myself “either I am going to trust completely, or not trust at all!” God keeps dropping that in my spirit. (Someone else needed that, you’re welcome). So I had to make a decision, now my human (that’s my flesh lol, I call it my human) was not in the mood to trust, but GOD(my spirit) was! I had to make a choice, so I decided to go with my spirit and TRUST God!

Friends, We can’t be double minded when it comes to God for we all know in the book of James in chapter 1 it states that, “He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

Lawd, I don’t want to be unstable. Lol, y’all wanna be unstable in ya thoughts? I sure hope not!

That’s why we have to be able to maneuver through the worry, fear and doubt so that we will be able to hold on or even find that FAITH that is rightfully ours!

I just wanted to stop by quickly and share this gem with you. I hope this helped someone. Remember, there will always be RED, but the YELLOW is around!

Hebrews 11:1

-Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen🧡

Alexis F(t.i🌻)


Heart Posture 🖤

Proverbs 23:7

“For as he thinks in his heart so is he”


What does your heart think? Sounds kind of strange asking someone what their heart thinks. Although, we are conditioned to believe that our thinking only takes place in our minds, our hearts too have a mind of their own(cliche’ ha, I know). Think about it, often times we place our hearts in the place of our mind when it comes to making decisions based on our emotions. As I stated last week there is a difference from making emotional decisions and making logical decisions. But this bible verse deals with the spiritual aspect of thinking. In the Bible we see a lot of HEART POSTURE! With God, it’s all about the posture of your heart. If your heart is filled with love, you will go out and give love, that’s a well known fact. However, If your heart is filled with hate, there is a great chance that you will go out and demonstrate hate. Therefore, we most learn the concepts of HEART POSTURE.


HEART POSTURE has many different meanings, and to each of you it may be different but for me I would say something such as, the way in which I align myself with God. Also the way I align myself with doing things. Although there are many ways to do many things, you want to always do them with a mind that you’re doing it for God, from a place of love IN SPITE of. My posture is also my hearts ATTITUDE! When my attitude is bad, I know that I have stepped out of alignment and it shows through my hearts posture. Another example of heart posture I have for you could be when someone says they love you, but their actions show otherwise, that to is heart posture showing itself. Not all heart posture is good posture and we know that from the word posture itself(a particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude).


Now let’s piggyback to, Proverbs 23:7

“For as he thinks in his heart so is he


Joyce Meyer says, “You cannot have a Positive life and a negative Mind”


I too, agree with her. We also have to understand that in this life, “we have a mind of the FLESH and a mind of the SPIRIT”refer to (Romans 8:5). Therefore we have to be cautious as to how we speak, and how we move when dealing with the two. We have got to know the difference and accept when the flesh shows up. If we accept when the flesh shows up, we will then be able to deal with what it will take spiritually to conquer the task at hand. Make sense? Yeah I know it does. Remember that where the mind goes, you follow. Make sure that you’re thinking CLEARLY! My pastor has this saying that will stick with me the rest of my life when it comes to making decisions and I want to share it with you. She says,”THINK IT THROUGH BEFORE YOU DO”(Pastor Paris Williamson). Let us be honest here for a second, do we always sit back and seriously analyze the decisions we make? Nope not always, and with us not doing so, sometimes leads us from beside the still waters, lol. And hey, we all know once we have moved, it’s hard to go back. So begin to take some time and search your hearts. There are some things in your heart right now that aren’t aligning with God, and you know it. Now is the time to fix it. It won’t be easy, nothing worth having is easy, but the more you work towards fixing your HEART’s POSTURE the more you will begin to flow spiritually.


Again, I encourage you to take inventory on your thinking! Fleshly and Spiritually! Remember that it is in your HEART’s POSTURE where you will reap the benefits of what you have sown.





Until next time, I love you FamILY


Alexis F.(t.i🌻)


Whew Chile, what a day 🤦🏾‍♀️

Deep sighs, today has really been rough for me. When I say rough I really mean rough. Have you ever woke up in a mood that really can’t be described? I have. When I wake up in moods unpleasant, I call them.. “NAH” moods. That’s an urban spelling of “NO”

Nah: defined as a variant spelling of NO representing a dialect or nonstandard pronunciation.

I woke up feeling like “NO”.

NO to everything! NO to everyone!

Throughout my day I began to think of things that weren’t pleasant to my well being nor the well being of others. I proceeded to allow my subconscious of FEAR, DOUBT and even a little HATE to take over. I am ashamed to even admit that I knew that it was wrong, but I still insisted on allowing myself to feel this way. Last year or so, I was seeing a therapist and she use to tell me,

“It is okay to feel, just be very conscious as to what you allow yourself to feel.”

In the past I played it safe by NOT allowing myself to be consumed with feelings that would force me to feel things that I did not care nor want too. I know some of you all are probably like, Alexis that doesn’t make much sense. But hold on, hear me out. Have you ever avoided anything that will trigger traumatic episodes from the past to resurface in your mind? That is what I mean by avoiding the energy to FEEL. You know, certain things. For instance running from something that is meant to catch you. Although, you can run all you want eventually you will be caught. Welp that’s me and my “Feelings.”

I say, if I can avoid it. I sure will try. That isn’t always the most logical thing to do. My emotions said one thing this morning, in which we know was “NAH”. But my logic said “YES”. Decisions made based off of emotion aren’t 100% processed through our intellect. Decision making based on logic is. When you are thinking logically you tend to somehow partner with your emotions to find balance. Therefor, is me waking up in a “NAH” mood good for those around me, good for my work environment, good for me, good for my mental health? Will my emotions potentially ruin what was never meant to be wrecked? Or will I decide to go with logic and think of ways to turn this “NAH” into a YES?

Often times we don’t look for balance or even a medium. We proceed with what our emotions drives us to. I said all of that to say that, sure it is okay to feel what you are required to feel, however don’t allow what should be temporary feeling to become long term. When emotions surface, in which they will because they are for sure a part of the life cycle, place logic somewhere InBetween and THINK it through!

My day started based of emotion but ended based off logic.

Ask yourself,

-Is what you are worried about seriously worth the error it will bring based of an emotional decision?

“It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. See every obstacle as a way to strengthen the power of your mind. See your vision through! “ (eternalSunshine)

Always , Alexis F (t.i🌻)



Let your ears be your eyes!

This morning on the way to work I began to pray, and as I was praying the Holy Spirit began to minister to me through a song some of you may be familiar with, titled “KING OF MY HEART” performed by, Bethel music. Although I’ve heard this song millions of times, today this particular part ministered to me….



“You’re never gonna let,

You’re never gonna let me down

You’re never gonna let,

You’re never gonna let me down”


They repeated it over and over. While in the midst of singing along God allowed me to see that it was in my praise, my worship and my availability to surrender at any given moment that he needed me to. Also, in my obedience to “STOP”what I was doing, and allow the Holy Spirit to Minsiter to me. Although, the words are repeated over and over, those five words are just what you need, RIGHT NOW!


God said that he is NEVER gonna let you down! How many of you believe that? How many of you walk in authority knowing that? How many of you walk in victory knowing that you have already accomplished what you’re working towards? I do! God stopped by to see about me this lovely morning, and you too. He wants to remind us that he is never going to let us down. No matter what the situation may be, no matter what it doesn’t “LOOK” like. God said in this season, let your ears Be your eyes. The enemy is deceiving your eye sight. Don’t be moved by what you see. Don’t be moved by what you feel, but be moved by what you HEAR from the Lord above. You all have to excuse me, the Holy Spirit has taken over this blog. My God!


2 Corinthians 5:7 states, “FOR WE WALK BY FAITH and NOT BY SIGHT!”


Some of you all have be walking by what you see, and some of the things, again as I stated earlier have been deceiving you, but I’m here today, by divine appointment to let you know that what you see isn’t really what it’s made out to be! Somebody better catch this in the spirit! The devil is so busy, stirring up lies, plots and schemes deceiving you to believe that it’s “GOD’s PLAN!” He is a liar and I’m here to serve him notice on today!


I decree and I declare that you will start walking by faith, by what you hear from the LORD! No longer by what you see. God I thank you for this word on this morning. I thank you for never letting me down! Lord I thank you for stopping by to remind us that you you are never gonna let us down! Lord I thank you for the gift of obedience in this season! I thank you for the spirit of discernment that you will begin to birth into each and every person reading this, so that they will be able to see when it’s you, and when it’s the enemy! God We thank you! And as I stand in the gap for each and everyone of you concerning this prophetic word, IT IS SO!



2 Corinthians 5:7 (we are hearing in this season, and we are blind to what the enemy is showing us)





What flow are you on?

What flow am I on, is what I asked myself. Am I flowing in the direction of something I created or perhaps the flow that God created for me?


Often times, we hear cliche sayings such as, “just go with the flow.” Think about it, is going with the flow always a very logical thing to do? Do you ever consider the outcome of the flow before you decide to flow with it? The reality is that we don’t. We don’t often sit back and weigh our options concerning the decisions we will make and have made concerning the direction we are going in, or perhaps are already in. Going with the flow isn’t always the best thing to do, especially if your flesh has made the decision for you. Many times you will find yourself in a place or even places that were never meant to be occupied by your energy simply because of the decision YOU made. (Think it through before you do)


I know that we are only 17 days into 2019, and it may seem as if the wave you are riding is a wave that you are suppose to. However, I want you to take the time and search where you’re at, who you are with and what you are doing. Then simply ask yourself, “is the flow that I am occupying, the wave that I am suppose to be riding!”


DO NOT allow situations to shift your flow from where you are suppose to be. Nothing nor no one should have the power to shift you from the place you are ordained to occupy. The only GPS you can trust and need is the one that GOD is in control of.


However,the places we may go, and the people we may encounter on the flow that we create for ourselves, will not always be what GOD had planned for us, and when that happens we begin to lose touch of what and where we are suppose to be. So, as we sit and reflect on this wave that we are currently riding…let us make sure that when the tide comes, we will not be washed to shore!


Again, what flow are you on?



Jeremiah 29:11


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”



Until next time, t.i🌻


Here is a quick Wednesday Word.


Where is God calling you to leave?

Where is God calling you to go?


Just like God told Abraham, “LEAVE” and “GO”. (Genesis 12) he is telling YOU! 


Many of you have gotten the green light but are too afraid to “LEAVE” and “GO”. However, just like Abraham there is something that you have got to get to that the Lord wants for you! He said if you would just get up and GO, he will give you that peace of mind, give you that job, give you that wife, give you that husband, give you that house, etc! But you have got to TRUST him, in the midst. There is something(s) that are waiting for you on the other side and I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind some milk and honey.


But, are you going to TRUST God like Abraham? Even if it takes many years to get your milk and honey? Do you trust him enough to “LEAVE” from your comfortable place, and “GO?”


I don’t know about you, but that was enough to convince me to pack my bags and go, ha. I am sure you all know the story of Abraham, and if you do, you know that in due time, his “GO”ing rewarded him greatly.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get to moving!





You guys I’ve been so sluggish here lately and it sucks. This morning I got up and decided to go into my hiding place to commune with the Lord(my closet of course). I put on some soothing sounds and begin to allow the Holy Spirit to minister unto me. The first thing I did was repent. Conviction instantly rest upon me.

How many of you know that often times we begin to get a little too comfortable in our walk and relationship concerning God? & once we do that, we become sluggish without any acknowledgement of it? That is what has happened to me the last few weeks of this year. However; this morning, I decided to ask God for forgiveness and grace.

I am currently completing a study, by Charles F. Stanley titled..”Pursing a deeper faith.” & this morning the lesson was titled, “are you growing?”


Growing: why does Jesus command me to love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable?


How can we seek forgiveness from our wrong doings from God, but can not seem to fathom up the urge to forgive someone for something they may have done to us? Matthew 6:14-15 states,


-for if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will I forgive your trespasses.


It clearly states that we are obligated to give the the gift of forgiveness out freely, so that we may too be forgiven. So why do we make it so hard? This is where growing steps in and partners with forgiveness. The more you GROW the less your pride will be when it comes to forgiveness. A spiritually maturing person finds it easier to forgive those whom have harmed him, whom have rejected him, hurt him etc. Fact being, he is more sensitive to the need to forgive because of the growth that has taken place in his relationship with God. Knowing now that forgiveness is Gods grace. If we fail to forgive people we remain tied to the person for what they may have done.

Often times forgiveness isn’t for you anyway. Although, you were the one affected, forgiveness is to set the other person free from the binding grip of our hearts and simply entrust that person to Gods care, love and judgement. We have to trust that God will work in that person’s life according to his plan and purpose, not ours!


As a believer it is our obligation to forgive, because we know through spiritual growth that we have to look beyond a person’s faults and understand that it isn’t the person, it is the spirit that the person is operating under that has influenced them to act out in an unloving way.

The same thing goes for us when we go to God. He looks beyond our faults and still forgives us. He sees the bigger picture, so should we. Their are some of you all who are still failing to forgive people for somethings that have been done to you, but everyday you are constantly asking for Gods grace over the very thing that you have done unto him. Do you think it’s fair to get what you can’t give?


It’s time that we look beyond others faults and begin to forgive and ask God to restore them. Instead of holding on to things, let them go. Pray for people, so they can be free from what holds them down. God does it for you, for me. He can do it for them. This life is bigger than what we feel and sometimes see. It can be in your very forgiveness where someone gets the deliverance they need.


Forgiveness is bigger than you!


Prayer:God we thank you for your unwavering forgiveness and we ask that you show us ways to look beyond others faults as you do ours. We declare that forgiveness will cause grace to rest upon us in a new way from here on out. Looking past what was done, with faith that you have made all things new, again. In your son Jesus name, Amen.